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Need of an age of consent to choose religion

I was born on a June 1st.  3 weeks later on June 21st I was baptized. Since then I have been writing ‘Christian’ in every column where it asked to quote ‘my’ religion. For a long time I accepted as it is, but my first and last retreat changed everything. I started having doubts about my own perception of being called a christian, coz I feel the only practicing christian I could ever think of  was Jesus Christ. All the rest which came were just labels.

But , how did my parent’s religion became mine ? When did ‘I’ choose to be a catholic ?. I don’t remember any such eventful day when I declared to the world that am going to practice a particular religion. Obviously, none does. As a societal norm every human born is an auto-convert, without his/her knowledge. However, this wouldn’t have been such an issue if people never discriminated others on the basis of their divine birth to a set of parents who happened to be believing in some faith. I mean, any of these custodians of so called divine religions can claim that they have ‘decided’ to follow it ?….they just ‘happened’ to be and there is nothing one to be proud of.

The point is, lets keep the kids away from this conditioning crap.

In India and in many other countries age of consent to marry is 21 and 18, respectively for boys and girls. This age was selected upon the logic that humans below those age are generally not capable of making such an important decision that has a serious impact on their life. But isn’t religion as important a decision as marriage is ?…isnt it something that can have a much more serious impact on their daily life forever ?…..isnt it fair that they are to be given an equal opportunity right to make such an important judgement ?

Imagine a world where kids are required to choose religion only after 18 years of age. They would’nt have to fill column for their religion in school or passport or identity cards. Instead they will be asked to fill in column for both parent’s religion. It also means none can force kids to wear religious symbols or outfits. There wont be any discrimination on kids in the name of their religion. No more boring sunday classes, no more listening to I_preach_but_I_dont_practice’ stuff.   They are absolutely free to read, learn, practice, experiment with any faith until they reach age of consent…after which the one they choose will become official OR they can choose not to be. In my opinion, any thing being forced on kids….be it physical, mental or emotional are to be equally considered as child abuse. Religious propaganda easily falls into that category.

As it is said, the only major hurdle for seeing the truth is the conditioned state of mind. Let us allow our kids to be free thinkers and not conditioned ones.

When I say no religion.. I mean no riots, no genocide, no war, no terrorism. Guess that would be some real freedom, some real democracy.

P.S: If its true that kids actually inherit their parents religion, then can religion be termed as a genetically transmitted disorder ? 😛

Would love to hear your thoughts on the arguement.


Inspired from this post by Jeena, I tried to slice one of my usual day and here is what I got. May be I should relook at these after few years to know my preferences then.

Turning 25 and more..

This June 1st was special. It marked 25 years of my existence here. As usual the social circle of friends kept me busy

and special throughout the day with wishes on facebook, twitter, email and through sms.  After a while, the feeling of getting old started sinking in. Its a little strange to realize that I dont have the ‘age factor’ with me anymore. Weird ?, well not so. Throughout my life, I always had the luxury of being the youngest. I was the youngest in my family, youngest player in the state basketball team, youngest in incubator, youngest to start company etc etc.. What does it mean ? It means FREEDOM. I had no pressure to perform..I had enough opportunities to ‘commit mistakes’…and after all am a young lad who should be given another chance 😉 Hence total freedom to do whatever I wanna do. But after 25, you are no more young. Can’t get away with a mistake saying, ohh I was too young & naive to understand that :P. Well, I can still do it when sitting with a bunch of 35+ guys or when am at my home, were I would still be the youngest. Beauty of being ‘considered’ young is that you can make others believe that they underestimated you, when all you have done is normal/average/mediocre in your capacity. That honeymoon period is kinda over for me. Well, not really regretting it. More than often people don’t take you seriously coz of your age and now atleast I stand a chance there. 😉

Though its just another day, wanted to do something different this time to make it special. Obvious things  like going for a solo ride or drinking until dawn with friends didnt excite much. Hence thought of re-connecting with people whom I’ve had a fall out before. Was kinda scary coz I really suck at such stuff. But wanted to clear the cloud from my mind and attempt to re-concile with them. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Fortunately first person called me up to wish and I took her call (never used to pick up for past 3 years), and we talked normally for around 20 minutes. Felt as if I was relieved of a huge dangling weight from my mind. Its a great feeling to make someone happy, realized it late though :). Having done the first, next was comparatively easy. I made the first step and walked up to the second lady, made point clear and straight. Again, it went surprisingly smooth. Moments when you regret yourself for not having taken this step earlier. Business teaches you many things, and ‘never burn bridges’ is one such lesson. Guess it applies to relationships too. However not so sure how much I would be able to apply it in my life.

So what really happened in last 25 yrs of my life ?…Lemme do a re-cap.. Was born on 1st day of june on a rainy afternoon when mom had only few maternity leaves left. She had to join for work 6 days after I was born and luckily she had a trustworthy, loving grand mother to leave me with. I started speaking only at age of 4, to clear everyone’s doubts that I was dumb 🙂 Had an amazing childhood in the beautiful villages of kerala with 2 wonderful siblings & many great friends few who are still my best friends for past 18 yrs. During school days, got into playing basketball and had a spectacular life in it until I joined for college. Joining for engg was not of choice, but in hindsight it looks like an inevitable option. Had very turbulent college life with issues of affiliation, suspension for ragging (yeah baby :P), transfers etc. Ended up in Delhi without any prior exposure to big cities, learned to climb the ropes the hardest way, fell many times very badly… though it taught the streetsmart way of life. From Delhi, ended up in Ahmedabad, a city I never wanted to be in. What started as a final yr project, became the career and I realized this IS the city where I can work & live with satisfaction wiping off all my prejudice. Met a beautiful person, fell in love with and lost. By then, had started a company and is now running it to earn bread for self & for few others. Well, that kinda sums up last 25 years.

Looking forward to more excitements, adventures, learnings, grief, joy and to meet many more great people in life…..!

2 lovely messages i got frm dad & mom on this bday…made my day 🙂

Slipping into Auto-mode

Here am trying to make some sense of a phenomenon I’ve been experiencing for years together. Am sure each one of you would have gone through it too. I call it ‘Slipping into auto-mode’. It’s amazing how your brain functions involuntarily and the potential to do such things really surprises me. Let me explain through few examples.

Scenario no. 1:

Riding a vehicle.

You want to go from A to B through a ‘familiar’ C route. You think of destination B, visualize the route C and start driving your car/bike. 2-3 minutes into the journey you start thinking about an upcoming meeting, or an incomplete work or that pretty chic in office…but you still drive, stop at signals, chat with co-passenger….and manage to reach destination B after an hour. Then when you think back, you have no clue how you reached B or the route you took or what you saw during the trip. This is what I call ‘slipping into auto-mode’.

Now this seems perfectly fine if it happens once in a while. But with me this happens 99% of the time. It usually is harmless, but sometimes while going from A to B through C route… I wanted to stop at an ATM between…but I never stops, it always gets missed. Thus I’ve to return from B and finish off the work in intermediate stop and then go back. Waste of time, money, effort.

Many friends of mine have confirmed that they also experience the same in limited numbers though. While doing long distance rides, auto mode becomes very long and prominent. I would say, to a great extent I love rides to experience this auto-mode for a continuous period. It definitely is a great stress buster and thought molder.

Scenario no. 2:


A, B, C and D meets after long. A starts talking and she goes on talking. B shows his apparent frustration. C gets into sleepy mode. D looks as if he is listening enthusiastically. But actually D is thinking of the same stuff given in scenario 1. He has slipped into auto-mode already. During the conversations he gives those occasional huh’s, oh-oh’s. At the end A gets a feeling that D is disinterested…she asks, Were you really listening to this whole thing ?…. Now the surprise. D asks A, a very smart question related to the whole conversation. A is satisfied and happy at the same time.

In reality, D never listened to the whole conversation…. he just picked up the most important bits and pieces of the content and asked a context based question which completely took A by surprise.

Auto-mode during conversations are very common. I’ve seen people doing it all the time when ‘chatter’ goes on and on and on gossiping. This particular piece was triggered by a discussion with @nithinkd regarding the same. He seems a master in it :P.

So have you ever experienced such slips ?…why do you think it functions that way ?

Would love to hear your views..

It’s my first dating anniversary

Oh, cant believe it’s been already an year since am dating her.

Exactly an year back she came into my life. That day is so vivid in my memory. How I met her and immediately fell for her. What attracted me the most ? I dont know. May be her looks, may be her smartness, may be her intelligence…. however, she stood different from her other smart friends. It was love at first sight, though it sound so cliqued.

I was already in a relation, when I first met her. But that couldn’t resist me from going after her. She was slim, sexy, smart, modern and classy. For past one year, we have been together throughout. I never left her alone anywhere, it was almost unimaginable. We travelled together, rode together, ate together, slept together. When I was bored, she sang for me. When I wanted to talk, she listened to me. When I wanted to listen, she spoke to me. When I was struggling to remember things, she reminded me. She never complained even when I interrupted her in between. She was so good in conversations that I grew my friends network through her. In fact she even introduced her smarter, more beautiful elder sister to me. Though I was definitely infatuated, that didn’t change my loyalty from her.

As in any other relationship, there were also days when tension arose between us. I remember how on a rainy day, when she was all drenched and how my efforts to get her warmed-up went awfully wrong. She was so angry that she didn’t speak to me for almost a day. But they were all minor issues compared to the relationship we shared. On our 6 month anniversary I surprised her by gifting a black gown, and you should have seen how beautiful she was in it.

An year passed so quickly and it has been worthwhile having her. Thanks to you sweetheart, You have become an inseparable part of my life. T

Thank you my beloved Nokia E51.

P.S: Girl friends are like mobile phones, just that mobile phones come with a red button.

Vararuchi and life philosophy

A random conversation with #nishkus and esp. @kuttyedathi today reminded me of Vararuchi and Parayi petta panthirukulam. It’s an old mythical story which always fascinated me. I think this is one of those intelligent stories which make you think beyond the superficial story layer.

Outline of story goes like this :

Vararuchi, one of the nine wise men of King Vikramaditya’s court married a girl from Paraya caste which is one of the lowest castes among the society of Kerala. They started a pilgrimage and on the way one-after-another, they had 12 children. Each time upon delivery, Vararuchi asked her if the baby had mouth. If she said ‘yes’, he would say, “If God has given mouth, it will feed his mouth too” and would ask her to leave the child there and then proceed. Grieved by these, when the 12th child was born, she lied and said the baby did not have a mouth, upon which he permitted her to take the child along. But when she was about to breast-feed it, the mouth was actually not there!! Vararuchi then consecrated the child on a hill, which is called “Vaayillaakkunnilappan”

The children left out in the forest were subsequently found, adopted and raised by families belonging to different communities, recognised one another as they grew up, and used to get-together at the illam (residence) of the eldest son, Mezhathol Agnihothri, on their father Vararuchi’s death anniversary (Sraadham) – so goes the story or myth. Each of these 12 tribes / families still exists in Kerala and they used to get-together too.

These twelve children are:

  1. Mezhathol Agnihothri (Brahmanan),
  2. Paakkanaar (Parayan, a very low caste),
  3. Rajakan (Dhobi),
  4. Naaraanathu Bhraanthan (Elayathu, a lower class Brahmanan),
  5. Kaarakkal Maatha (high caste Nair, only girl born to the couple),
  6. Akavoor Chaathan (Vysyan),
  7. Vaduthala Nair (Nair Soldier),
  8. Vallon (Thiruvalluvar of Tamil Nadu),
  9. Uppukottan (Muslim),
  10. Paananaar (Paanan, a very low caste of country musicians),
  11. Perumthachan (carpenter),
  12. Vaayillaakkunnilappan (deity)

Each of these 12 had very intriguing stories and trust me it will enthrall you like anything when you read through. My favorites are Paakkanar, Naaranathu Bhraanthan and Paananar.

It even inspired a very famous poem in malayalam:

" Panthrandu makkale pettoramme
Ninte makkalil njananu bhrandhan
Panthrandu rashiyum neettumamme
Ninte makkalil njanan anaadhan
Ente sirayil nuraykkum puzhukkalilla
Kannil Iravinte pashana thimiramilla "

There’s a very interesting history to Vararuchi’s marriage to the paraya girl and his leaving kids behind is also associated to it. Whether it seems justified or not, his reasons for justification remains sticky. ‘If god has given mouth, it will feed him too’ (Vaa keeriya bhagawan annam kodutholum). To me it doesn’t relate to the god part of it, but more to the confidence a person has on a human.

In this era of spoon feeding children with everything and finally helplessly watching those efforts go in drain…. i guess it is also pertinent to know that humans are capable of growing to their right ability, if at all there were given the freedom to do so.

Read more about Panthirukulam:

Story of a random call

It rang. Gal_Ur_Mesmerizing, always a pleasure hearing this beautiful ringtone. Green button and here comes a sweet, polite voice. Introduces self, explanation starts. Soft, rational way marketing. Voice was sweet, my work was reading hence I started listening. Plastic card it was, money on credit, fee was nil and she needed a customer. Product was introduced, features explained, rates conveyed, terms informed….she’s going on and on and on and on. I listened giving occasional those not-so-yes or not-so-no huh’s. Longer the conversation, higher the expectation. That’s what call centres teach when you join. Attract, Explain, Bang – target in. She’s almost done. All the information she had on screen has been conveyed. But what to do, customer is yet to be satiated. Conversation has to go on. She started asking questions, customer has no answers. All he want is to listen. He shows inquisition. Woah, she’s all words again. Now its the turn of benefits. Cashless she says, I wonder what else it does. Additional protection she says, I wonder if it has inbuilt condom too. I listen wen am bored. Now her voice has this slight tinge of joy, wicked happiness of having nailed a prey, a customer. She is now light, not so formal but very personal. All she want from me now is a confirmation – am in baby, thats it. And when she continue spilling her sweet, soft voice… there comes the red button. How sachin feels wen he gets out on 99 ? Random abruptness. Tht’s my sheer joy of sadistic pleasure. 😀