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I dont remember how many times have I read Gladwell’s BLINK. Is it coz of its lovely, beautiful cover or its gripping, realistic content…hmm, may be both. However, can say with conviction that this book have been a life changer.

See, Take a sip and if you like this taste…don’t forget to drink the whole can…its worth it 😉



Thin-slicing is the ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and behavior based on very narrow slices of experience.

It is striking how many different professions and disciplines have a word to describe the particular gift of reading deeply into the narrowest slivers of experience. In basketball we call it “court sense”, and in the military we say generals have “coup d’oeil” or power of the glance. Others usually refers to it as gut feel, instinct, a knowing, intuition, instinct, a hunch, an inkling etc..

The problem with snap decision or rapid cognition is that it takes place behind alocked door. We know certain things, but we just don’t know how we know. It is difficult to find out what people really think. This is because we don’t know why we like certain things and not others. Rapid cognition occurs behind a locked door. We know something but we don’t necessarily know why.

The more expertise we have, the more accurate our snap decisions are. We have all our experience and knowledge in a storeroom called the unconscious. We don’t realize it, but we use this information all the time when making decisions. So next time you just know something but can’t give a reason, consider that your unconscious made the decision for you.