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Need of an age of consent to choose religion

I was born on a June 1st.  3 weeks later on June 21st I was baptized. Since then I have been writing ‘Christian’ in every column where it asked to quote ‘my’ religion. For a long time I accepted as it is, but my first and last retreat changed everything. I started having doubts about my own perception of being called a christian, coz I feel the only practicing christian I could ever think of  was Jesus Christ. All the rest which came were just labels.

But , how did my parent’s religion became mine ? When did ‘I’ choose to be a catholic ?. I don’t remember any such eventful day when I declared to the world that am going to practice a particular religion. Obviously, none does. As a societal norm every human born is an auto-convert, without his/her knowledge. However, this wouldn’t have been such an issue if people never discriminated others on the basis of their divine birth to a set of parents who happened to be believing in some faith. I mean, any of these custodians of so called divine religions can claim that they have ‘decided’ to follow it ?….they just ‘happened’ to be and there is nothing one to be proud of.

The point is, lets keep the kids away from this conditioning crap.

In India and in many other countries age of consent to marry is 21 and 18, respectively for boys and girls. This age was selected upon the logic that humans below those age are generally not capable of making such an important decision that has a serious impact on their life. But isn’t religion as important a decision as marriage is ?…isnt it something that can have a much more serious impact on their daily life forever ?…..isnt it fair that they are to be given an equal opportunity right to make such an important judgement ?

Imagine a world where kids are required to choose religion only after 18 years of age. They would’nt have to fill column for their religion in school or passport or identity cards. Instead they will be asked to fill in column for both parent’s religion. It also means none can force kids to wear religious symbols or outfits. There wont be any discrimination on kids in the name of their religion. No more boring sunday classes, no more listening to I_preach_but_I_dont_practice’ stuff.   They are absolutely free to read, learn, practice, experiment with any faith until they reach age of consent…after which the one they choose will become official OR they can choose not to be. In my opinion, any thing being forced on kids….be it physical, mental or emotional are to be equally considered as child abuse. Religious propaganda easily falls into that category.

As it is said, the only major hurdle for seeing the truth is the conditioned state of mind. Let us allow our kids to be free thinkers and not conditioned ones.

When I say no religion.. I mean no riots, no genocide, no war, no terrorism. Guess that would be some real freedom, some real democracy.

P.S: If its true that kids actually inherit their parents religion, then can religion be termed as a genetically transmitted disorder ? 😛

Would love to hear your thoughts on the arguement.