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Turning 25 and more..

This June 1st was special. It marked 25 years of my existence here. As usual the social circle of friends kept me busy

and special throughout the day with wishes on facebook, twitter, email and through sms.  After a while, the feeling of getting old started sinking in. Its a little strange to realize that I dont have the ‘age factor’ with me anymore. Weird ?, well not so. Throughout my life, I always had the luxury of being the youngest. I was the youngest in my family, youngest player in the state basketball team, youngest in incubator, youngest to start company etc etc.. What does it mean ? It means FREEDOM. I had no pressure to perform..I had enough opportunities to ‘commit mistakes’…and after all am a young lad who should be given another chance 😉 Hence total freedom to do whatever I wanna do. But after 25, you are no more young. Can’t get away with a mistake saying, ohh I was too young & naive to understand that :P. Well, I can still do it when sitting with a bunch of 35+ guys or when am at my home, were I would still be the youngest. Beauty of being ‘considered’ young is that you can make others believe that they underestimated you, when all you have done is normal/average/mediocre in your capacity. That honeymoon period is kinda over for me. Well, not really regretting it. More than often people don’t take you seriously coz of your age and now atleast I stand a chance there. 😉

Though its just another day, wanted to do something different this time to make it special. Obvious things  like going for a solo ride or drinking until dawn with friends didnt excite much. Hence thought of re-connecting with people whom I’ve had a fall out before. Was kinda scary coz I really suck at such stuff. But wanted to clear the cloud from my mind and attempt to re-concile with them. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Fortunately first person called me up to wish and I took her call (never used to pick up for past 3 years), and we talked normally for around 20 minutes. Felt as if I was relieved of a huge dangling weight from my mind. Its a great feeling to make someone happy, realized it late though :). Having done the first, next was comparatively easy. I made the first step and walked up to the second lady, made point clear and straight. Again, it went surprisingly smooth. Moments when you regret yourself for not having taken this step earlier. Business teaches you many things, and ‘never burn bridges’ is one such lesson. Guess it applies to relationships too. However not so sure how much I would be able to apply it in my life.

So what really happened in last 25 yrs of my life ?…Lemme do a re-cap.. Was born on 1st day of june on a rainy afternoon when mom had only few maternity leaves left. She had to join for work 6 days after I was born and luckily she had a trustworthy, loving grand mother to leave me with. I started speaking only at age of 4, to clear everyone’s doubts that I was dumb 🙂 Had an amazing childhood in the beautiful villages of kerala with 2 wonderful siblings & many great friends few who are still my best friends for past 18 yrs. During school days, got into playing basketball and had a spectacular life in it until I joined for college. Joining for engg was not of choice, but in hindsight it looks like an inevitable option. Had very turbulent college life with issues of affiliation, suspension for ragging (yeah baby :P), transfers etc. Ended up in Delhi without any prior exposure to big cities, learned to climb the ropes the hardest way, fell many times very badly… though it taught the streetsmart way of life. From Delhi, ended up in Ahmedabad, a city I never wanted to be in. What started as a final yr project, became the career and I realized this IS the city where I can work & live with satisfaction wiping off all my prejudice. Met a beautiful person, fell in love with and lost. By then, had started a company and is now running it to earn bread for self & for few others. Well, that kinda sums up last 25 years.

Looking forward to more excitements, adventures, learnings, grief, joy and to meet many more great people in life…..!

2 lovely messages i got frm dad & mom on this bday…made my day 🙂