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Scribbles by Percy Shelly

Was having a relaxed evening at @detournow yesterday when I stumbled on this small book on ‘compilation of poems by Shelly’. Having heard the name many times, took it out of curiosity. I was so amazed reading ‘ Songs to the men of england’. ( a poem written by Shelly as an empowering anthem for the workers of England). An excerpt from the classic:

The seed ye sow, another reaps,

The wealth ye find, another keeps,

The robes ye weave, another wears,

The arms ye forge, another bears.

Here is another one from ‘Mask of anarchy’

Thou art Wisdom — Freemen never

dream that God will damn for ever

All who think those things untrue

Of which Priests make such ado.

Aftermath of an accident

It has been almost 12 hours since I witnessed one of the most gruesome accident in my life. Thought of recording it as a narration here for future reference.

Being a weekened, along with Nirav and Ashim, I decided to go for a late night show of Hurt Locker at newly opened PVR, A’bad. Show was quite ordinary and it killed all our excitement we had for a oscar winner movie. It was around 1am by then and we thought of having a nightout dinner at 24X7 cafe in The Grand Bhagawati hotel along SG highway. By the time we finished hogging, it had already hit 3am and we started riding back to our home near sola bridge. It was then we saw a small crowd near the service road.

It took us a while to realize that we are at an accident site. It was hardly 5 minutes since accident had happened. Initially all we saw was a maruti SUV precariously dangling on a large divider filled with trees, 1 guy in his 20’s lying near it unconsciously with profuse bleeding from his right side of head and another guy crying and shouting ‘Alok, pls get up…Alok…’ There were around 6-8 workers who were trying their best to lift the completely mangled car. Thats when we saw 3 more men stuck inside the car and one had his right hand almost hanging down like a cut vegetable.

To put it lightly, scene was gruesome. There were blood and flesh all around and none near the scene had any clue what to do, including us. 90% of people who came to rescue were standing still watching the action. Hardly any offered help. Sensing the danger, Nirav immediately called up 108 (emergency service) and they assured their presence at site in 10 minutes. In few minutes, people pulled out 3 guys from the car and luckily they had only non-fatal injuries. They appeared totally misplaced..may be coz they were drunk or may be due to the traumatic shock they experienced. After a quick look at all victims, we realized that only 1 guy has suffered a near fatal injury on his head. He had already lost lots of blood and was still spurting them out through the cut. We immediately covered his head with Nirav’s shirt and  I started applying pressure onto his wound to stop bleeding. Fortunately within 10 minutes his bleeding from wound reduced drastically, but blood started hushing out through his nose. Guess, that was a sign of massive internal bleeding. All this while we were waiting for 108 ambulance to arrive, but there were no signs of it. Ashim tried to get an auto or a car, while Nirav left to SAL hospital to get their ambulance. and to call police. Within 10 minutes, by the time SAL ambulance reached the spot, 108 ambulance had also come.

Paramedic from 108, took his pulse and told us that he is not getting any. He feared the guy was already dead. Suddenly he opened his mouth (like an epileptic) and took a long breath. I realized my hand getting wet during that moment with a sudden heavy bleed from his head. Paramedic immediately gave him a CPR, but he didnt show any signs of its effect. Without wasting time we transferred him to ambulance stretcher (i was scared to lift his head, coz I feared his skull was broken below and it might just open up further). He was safely transported to nearby hospital in their ambulance.

Other guy had his right hand broken in multiple locations and was crying in pain. He was also transported in 108 ambulance to hospital. Rest of the team looked stable in health but in a state of traumatic shock. Most were trying to dial their mobile to reach home, but were not being able to even move their fingers.

Police arrived at the scene after 30 minutes. Had they arrived before ambulance, we could have assured the life of the guy with head injury. Later we had a look at the trail of accident. It is quite sure that they were driving at 100km+ and were either slept or under influence of alcohol. Car had made atleast 3 or 4 turns in air before it came to a halt. We saw the driver of the car unharmed and probably he was saved due to the seat belt. Wish the other guy too had done the same. We didnt goto hospital to check out his condition, this is an episode we want to forget and move on…though am not sure how much we would succeed in it.

**Update: Just read in newspapers that the severely wounded guy (Alok) succumbed to brain haemorrhage later at hospital. Rest are all safe.