Monthly Archives: December 2009

Friends beyond age

Today am gonna write about Thomas bhai, oldest in my friends circle. Thomas bhai is one of those old generation malayalis who are settled in Gujarat for more than 50 years. Destiny made me meet him and since then we share a special friendship. Special i call it, coz I still dont know anything ‘personal’ about him. Neither have I asked nor has he told. All I know is that he is 78 and is thoroughly knowledgeable in theology, literature of both english, malayalam and has a very sharp sense of humour which goes into multiple layers of thought 🙂

We dont meet quite often, but whenever we meet it feels like we had talked just the day before. He is so good at starting a conversation, a meaningful one. Mostly we discuss about religion, malayali culture and literature (yea, literature…here he talks and I just listen :P). Its so enthralling to hear him recite poems. Few of them which he had studied in his school days. He is very particular about completing it and gives a radiant smile after that (smile that shouts, see beta I still remember it). Sometimes he becomes so happy and laugh aloud….like a kid will start patting on my shoulder. May be after a quick second he will just get up take his bag and leave. That’s him. Punctual, aware of his time.

Today our discussion started with me mentioning to him about my brothers upcoming marriage. Suddenly he said, ‘Life invested on external appearance based selection is a depreciating investment’. After mentioning few of his experiences in life, he dropped another bomb. Maternity is a matter of fact, where as paternity a matter of opinion. This was immediately followed by a beautiful malayalam translation of it (Maathrutham sphadikam pole spashtam, Pithruthum nisha pole nigoodham). He continued saying this was translated by some malayali poet and he likes the translation better than the original. A man of few words, he didnt speak much then. Both quotes were enough to ponder with.

I dont know why am writing all this. Just felt so. Was thinking of these w.r.t my life . Guess, I need to grow more mature to give enough space for someone else in my life. Till then better I walk alone. Immersing in life, may be thats what this phase of life is all about. Doing it non-diligently now but with awareness.