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Story of a random call

It rang. Gal_Ur_Mesmerizing, always a pleasure hearing this beautiful ringtone. Green button and here comes a sweet, polite voice. Introduces self, explanation starts. Soft, rational way marketing. Voice was sweet, my work was reading hence I started listening. Plastic card it was, money on credit, fee was nil and she needed a customer. Product was introduced, features explained, rates conveyed, terms informed….she’s going on and on and on and on. I listened giving occasional those not-so-yes or not-so-no huh’s. Longer the conversation, higher the expectation. That’s what call centres teach when you join. Attract, Explain, Bang – target in. She’s almost done. All the information she had on screen has been conveyed. But what to do, customer is yet to be satiated. Conversation has to go on. She started asking questions, customer has no answers. All he want is to listen. He shows inquisition. Woah, she’s all words again. Now its the turn of benefits. Cashless she says, I wonder what else it does. Additional protection she says, I wonder if it has inbuilt condom too. I listen wen am bored. Now her voice has this slight tinge of joy, wicked happiness of having nailed a prey, a customer. She is now light, not so formal but very personal. All she want from me now is a confirmation – am in baby, thats it. And when she continue spilling her sweet, soft voice… there comes the red button. How sachin feels wen he gets out on 99 ? Random abruptness. Tht’s my sheer joy of sadistic pleasure. 😀

Jambughoda – Champaner one day trip with CSers

CouchSurfers Ahmedabad has made it again. A quickie weekend getaway trip on sunday. Me, Bhavesh, Math and Anirudh made this memorable trip to Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary and historical Champaner fort near Halol (Baroda). Trip was very refreshing and enjoyed every single moment of it. See the pics above 🙂

Tips for travellers:

Route taken: Ahmedabad –> Baroda (express highway) –> take left turn from Anand and head towards Savli through State highway –> Pavagadh –> Jambughoda –> Champaner –> Halol –> Baroda –> Ahmedabad

Advisable route: Head straight to Baroda in express highway and then to Halol in state highway. Roads are amazing in both stretch and you can reach Jambughoda in less than 3 hours.

Trek: Jambughoda has many small hills which are trekkable. Most are thick forests and steep. You will find less of rocks and more of trees there and so stay away if its raining. Trek could be way difficult in rain. It was pretty humid when we trekked and we did the mistake of not carrying water with us. Overall it’s a nice short trek but thoroughly enjoyable. Try other side of hill while coming down.

Eateries: Not many good ones near Jambughoda or Chamapner. However there is a Jambughoda Palace which is very near to sanctuary. The king still lives there and they do serve outsiders with food and accomodation. Prior booking is mandatory for food.

Overall a very good location for a one day trip from Ahmedabad. Perfect for a weekend getaway with family.

My tryst with faith : Part three – Living the Zen way

continued from Part two

This post is going to be excerpts from what OSHO has said about religion and Zen. I think he has articulated my thoughts so well, that it would be futile if I tried to put in my own words. OSHO is one of the most misinterpreted personalities ever existed. Majority of people know him only as sex-guru, and probably has read only that part of what he has said. In reality, he was a truly enlightened person and One of the very few who knew exactly what he was saying and he spoke sense.

Here OSHO speaks about dangers of religions and how Zen stands as a viable alternative to practice.

Religions are always postponing life: they are giving you beautiful illusions about life somewhere in the future, far away, beyond death. That is a strategy to divert and distract you from the realities of life. That is pure cowardice. It is also a rationalization so that you can be consoled: ’If life is miserable today there is nothing to be worried about, tomorrow everything is going to be well. In fact, to suffer life today is a preparation for enjoying life tomorrow, so the more you suffer the better.

There is no reason to complain, no reason to rebel, no reason to revolt against all those things which are causing misery.’ Religion protects the establishment and the vested interests. It is a very subtle strategy – so subtle that for thousands of years man has lived under its weight without ever becoming aware of what is being done to him. Karl Marx is almost right: that religion is nothing but opium for the people. It keeps you drugged, it keeps you hoping, waiting – and the tomorrow never comes. Desiring, fantasizing about life after death is a sheer waste of time, energy, and also it keeps you stupid.

Life is here now – there is no other life. Life knows no past, no future, it knows only the present.


  • Zen is living life in its totality, here, now.
  • It is one of the fundamental revolution.
  • It cuts the very roots of the so-called religious structure of the mind.
  • It is not religion, it is pure religiousness.
  • It is not oriented in the past, it is not inspired by the past – it has no goal in the future either
  • It is living your life passionately, intensely, ecstatically this very moment.
  • It is a jump into the very thick of life. And life surrounds you within and without. Don’t wait for the next moment, live it now.
  • It is the greatest flowering of human consciousness yet achieved.

Zen is not a religion, not an ideology, it is not a philosophy, it is living in an existential way, not in an intellectual way.


Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing – OSHO

Talks given from 27/12/80 am to 10/01/81,  English Discourse series