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#Mallu #Twialogues in Twitter

Yesterday was an amazing day. Never had so much fun on twitter. A harmless twitter hashtag #twialogues was ransacked by hyper enthused, humourous #mallu twitteratti and the result was a non-stop stream of top dialogues from old malayalam movies as twialogues. I had the laugh of my life and am yet to get over it.


Today morning @crucifire gave me the idea of recording these historical tweets as a blog post for future ROTFL sessions. So here are they. Have tried to include most which I found are amazing….if I’ve missed any, pls do post’em in comments.

1) @kuttyedathi Manassil kuttabodham thOnniyaal pinne tweetunnathellam yaanthrikamaayirikkum!

2) @whizkidd: Kochhu kuttikal tweet cheythaaal kolu muttaai ttaai ttaai"

3) @arocks Ayyo acha tweetalle, Ayyo acha tweetalle, Ayyo acha tweetalle

4) @sreenadh1987: orkut dukhamanunnni…twitterallo sukhapradam

5) @startonomics: namukku tweetdckil poyi tweet cheyyam.athiravile ezhunnettu rply vannuvo ennum, RT undo ennum nokkam..avide vachu njan ninakku.

6) @ronyjacob oru twitter kittiyirunnenkil tweet cheyamayirunnuuuuu

7) @startonomics namukku oro tweets angu kaachiyalo ? ee choodathu tweeta bestt…davidetta tweet unda ?…2 retweet…chilled

8) @whizkidd: Kutta, tweetil sangathigal onnum vanillallo, sruthi pora..

9) @vimal Hello! Doordarshan kendram alle..innu vaikkittu tweet cheytha kuttiyude id paranju tharamo?

10) @zeqox tweeter alias retweeter

11) @rockus: Daasa, nee americayil poya pinne ninte tweet aaru retweetum.

12) @theexperthand oru tweet ezuthu oru RT enikkum, oru RT local party secretreykkum ayakkoo..oru RT thaanum vach

13) @jestinjoy twitter undo sakhave oru blogger edukkan

14) @zeqox amerikayil twitterila polum enthu viditharamaanivan parayunathu, Twitterillatha naadundo ?

15) @startonomics Njan ee tweetschoolil onnum padikkathathu kondu, Retweetinte pravarthanathine patti onnum ariyilla

16) @theexperthand: ivaru bayangara retweetukaara.. thiruvithamkoor ragavinte kayyinu tweetdeckum twhirlum vaangichavara

17) @zeqox in the twitter of my wife and daughter you will not Retweet any tweet of the today.. get out of twitter erangipodaaa

18) @anvimal: polandine kurichu nee tweetaruthu enikkathishtamalla

19) @kuttyedathi "enthey ee alpam glaamor ulla tweeter ne penkuttyolkkishtamallennundo ? kaakka tweeti nna.. thOnnaNE

20) @CruciFire: Twitter – Jana kodigalude vishwashtha social network 😀

21) @vimal nee aanelleda pennugale vazhiyil nadakkan sammathikkatha alavalathi twittteeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

22) @lakshmi_h thomassukutty tweetikoda

23) @startonomics athentha daasaa ee tweeting nammal nerathe thudanganjathu….ella tweetinum athintethaya samayam undu vijaya..

24) @lakshmi_h: ahaa aiswaryathinte retweet muzhangunnathu pole

25) @lakshmi_h: Angane retweetukal ettuvaangan ee twitter handle iniyum baaki

26) @roshinroy Ormayundo ee tweetukal? Orma kanilla.

27) @lakshmi_h retweetom ki zindagi jo kabhi khatam nahin hota

28) @arocks Illangi… Ende Twitter Id Ninde Pattikku itto!!

29) @whizkidd shekharaa enikk swasthamayi tweetanam .athinu thadasam nikkan ninte ee kaikalundavaruthu…athu kondu athu njan edukkuvaaa

30) @vimal Eda nee vellathum kando? hmm..enthu?..full tweeted..poda first timonnum angane full tweeted kanan pattilla..aliyaa..sathyam! umm

31) @theexperthand enthokkeyaayirunnu tweetdeck,twitter destroyer,twhirl.. avasaanam tweet retweetayi.

32) @zeqox enthado twittere njan engine aayi poyathu..thaan chinthichittundo.

33) @vimal Kittiyaal reply allengil retweet!

34) @kuttyedathi "thirike njaan varumenna vaartha kelkkaanayi tweeters kothikkarundennum. thirike varunneram tweeti thakarkkuvan njanum kothikkarunduennum

35) @jestinjoy lal salaam twittere

**Have numbered it for the ease of mentioning your top favorites from this list.

**List is random. No particular order followed.

So here is my #followfriday list of humorous #mallus in twitter. Guess, no intro required for these tweeters. Their tweets are sufficient. 🙂

Business incubators in India: A reality check

It’s been long since I wanted to talk about my thoughts on Business incubators in India and the role it plays/should play in nurturing entrepreneurship. Though none would like to agree, there is clearly a disconnect between what ‘wannabe’ entrepreneurs expect out of it and what incubators currently deliver. This is evident from the interactions we have on a daily basis with many of them.

I’ve been in one of the early incubators in the country for more than 2 years. My decision to join a business incubator right after my graduation, was mostly to know about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur and whether am capable enough to deliver. I just didn’t wanted to get stuck in a routine job. So for me this was a mitigated risk and not a blind jump. I am now an entrepreneur and they have played a major role in it.

 But, what really is a Business incubator and what it means to a startup ?

Different business incubators in India operate on different models.

1) Majority of the incubators are attached to a technical university/college and they provide access to the infrastructure zenstneresources and human resources of the institute. Now, the advantage of this setup is that it ‘encourages’ the students of those institute to dirty their hands with technology and its applications. They are given a peep into the world of entrepreneurship too, mostly through lectures, conferences, workshops etc.

Now the disadvantage of this setup is that ‘Professors’ run the show. There is more of technology and less of business. Lots of theory and less of practice. In short, the incubatees over there develop technology, thinks it is great, make a team and jump into the business without knowing what it takes to run a company in this competitive dirty market. Issue: Emphasis only on technology.

(some of these incubators attached to India’s premier institutes are open to only students of the same institute. Frankly, I still don’t get this logic. May be am tooo naive to understand the technical logic of these premier institutes for analysing the success chance of an incubatee)

2) Other set of incubators are associated with Management institutes. Now they bring a different set of skill sets. These incubators too are run by so called experienced professors. Most incubatees are MBA grads who have ‘sacrificed’ their lucrative placements and want to start a business and call themselves an entrepreneur. Coz u know, nw thts a fashion..a trend.

They love ‘charts, tables, presentations, bullet points’. They bring flashy market reports, figures, studies. They can talk well. They dress well. They have good experience in corporate sector too. Most convinces investors too. So they go ahead and start a portal, hire a CTO (u knw, these people are MBA grads and they think anything can be hired, including technology) and within couple of years they vanish like a fart in the air. Reason: Emphasis only on business part. Not on execution, not on technology, not on long terms.

3) Now there are these corporate types. They have HUGE plans. They think BIG. They hire E&Ys and Mckenzies of the world to do a feasibility study, invests crores, setup a huuuge infrastructure with common facility of equipments, cubicle space on lease etc. Now definitely this is a dream incubator for an entrepreneur specific to that field. You get all the necessary facility ready from day one. But there is a catch, they are only for ‘proof-of-concept’ study facility or belovedly known as ‘product development’ space. None gives a damn about ‘commercialization’. For them, incubator is setup for nurturing Idea. Not the idea generator. After developing the idea, let the entrepreneur goto hell. None cares. These work on lease model and also equity model. Well, only issue is that there are hardly any takers. Unfortunately E&Ys of the world couldn’t predict this.  Reason: No pragmatic approach. Plans are in virtual reality.

4) There are few other models too. Working on remote mentoring/ only facility/ no facility, no mentoring, only money models too. I dont include them in the definition of business incubation. (my personal opinion)

So as an entrepreneur what do we expect from a business incubator ?

My take on Business Incubators:

  1. Should be run by a seasoned entrepreneur. This is a must. Scientists, professors should support in their respective areas of expertise.
  2. Mentoring is more important than facility space.
  3. There is no ‘one stop’ incubator. Incubator should have infrastructure required for product development (or should have workable tie-ups with such providers) specific to the area they operate in.
  4. Funding is mandatory. This does not mean mere ‘connecting to VCs or angels’. By funding I mean, putting pure risk money on ‘potential projects’ having prospects of huge returns. There is no dearth of this fund (DST has done an amazing job in this. Prof. Mittal spearheads this.)
  5. Responsibility of incubator should not end with incubatee completing the product development. Actual hand holding is required during 1st year of commercialization. Most misses this critical step.
  6. Business incubation is NOT charity. It should have a feasible business model (however long the gestation period is) and this should be well communicated to all stakeholders. Forming a section 25 company is the first step for this.
  7. For me, grooming program at NL introduced me to the basics of marketing, finance, legal, technology, team-building necessary for running a venture. This program gave confidence to the student in me to take the decision to be an entrepreneur. (this point could be optional)


To wannabe entrepreneurs reading this post: Sorry to disappoint you. Ideal conditions never exist. So incubator with all above mentioned features doesn’t exist. However, there are few who still are doing mindblowing job. Spot them, evaluate them, meet the people who are running the show and only then take the decision to join. Business incubators helps in a big way during the early stage, dont miss it.

To ecosystem care takers: Lots of hype, lots of noice, lots of campaigns…ideally all  these should have contributed to lots of ‘quality startups’. But bitter truth remains, quality is missing from last statement. The earlier you realize this, the better.

Disclaimer: These thoughts are just my personal opinion and in no way reflect opinions of any organization am associated with now or in past. This is just a teaser. I want to post a series of what worked and what didn’t work in an incubator. Tune in.

If you think I got totally carried away or was factually wrong. Kindly comment and correct me. Am open to a debate on this. for startups: 6th edition nominations open

Only 3 type of people reaches my blog. 1) My twitter followers checking out this link from my profile page, 2) Poor souls who reach here thinking that this is the official blog of (forgot to register that domain early..damn me)

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Now this post is for the third kind. Who think they want to do something of their own (Wannabe Entrepreneur)or have something of their own (Active entrepreneur) or have lost something of their own or gained from it (serial entrepreneur).

If you belong to this tribe, I need not explain you what PROTO is. For others: is a platform which helps entrepreneurs to meet other stakeholders, showcase their work and get feedback, improve prospects of funding, hiring and scaling.


Proto has completed 5 editions successfully in various cities of India (a formidable task) and has helped many entrepreneurs to go to the next stage and many investors to spot few good companies to put their funds to. 6th edition of the same is scheduled for 25th July 2009 at Persistent systems, PUNE.

If you own a startup and think you need to reach out to more, Proto will provide you that much needed exposure. You can present your product/service, get critical feedbacks, get noticed by prospective investors and prospective associates and am sure at the end of the day you will definitely leave with much better insights about your company.

So go ahead and NOMINATE the startup before June 15, 2009. If you get shortlisted you have to shell out Rs. 10,000 for the final event. (if you think 10k is too much to shell out, then better forget what you have read above…you are not going to be an entrepreneur anyway’s 😉 )

Disclaimer: All above mentioned are my opinions and no way reflect the thoughts of Proto team.

Mom, It was you…

It was you who told me you should learn to loss too

It was you who told me, you are not as bad as your teachers say

It was you who told me, you are unique and make full use of it

It was you who stood by me, when I was heart broken

It was you who supported me, whenever I was in trouble

It was after seeing you, I realized women can be this strong too

It was you who taught me, how to multitask so well

It was you who cooked the best food I’ve ever tasted in my life

It was you who showed me, how to counter criticism with dignity

It was you, MOM only you who knows who I really am.

Am fortunate to have born as your son, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.

Little book of instructions for a better life

  • Make it a habit to do nice things for people who will never find out.
  • Lend only those books you never care to see again.
  • Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all that they have.
  • When playing games with children, let them win.
  • Have a firm handshake.
  • Look people in the eye.
  • If in a fight, hit first and hit hard.
  • Keep secrets.             
  • Always accept an outstretched hand. 
  • Be brave. Even if you’re not, pretend to be. No one can tell the difference.
  • Avoid sarcastic remarks.
  • Choose your life’s mate carefully. From this one decision will come 90 per cent of all your happiness or misery.
  • Be romantic.
  • Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know. 
  • Loosen up. Relax. Except for rare life-and-death matters, nothing is as important as it first seems.
  • Don’t allow the phone to interrupt important moments. It’s there for your convenience, not the caller’s. 
  • Be a good loser. Be a good winner.
  • Think twice before burdening a friend with a secret.
  • When someone hugs you, let them be the first to let go.
  • Keep it simple. Be modest. A lot was accomplished before you were born.
  • Beware of the person who has nothing to lose. Don’t burn bridges. You’ll be surprised how many times you have to cross the same river.   
  • Be bold and courageous. When you look back on life, you’ll regret the things you didn’t do more than the one’s you did.
  • Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them.
  • Remember no one makes it alone.
  • Have a grateful heart and be quick to acknowledge those who helped you.
  • Take charge of your attitude. Don’t let someone else choose it for you.  
  • Visit friends and relatives when they are in hospital; you need only stay a few minutes.
  • Begin each day with some of your favorite music
  • Answer the phone with enthusiasm and energy in your voice.
  • Keep a note pad and pencil on your bed-side table, Million-dollar ideas sometimes strike at 3 a.m.
  • Send your loved ones flowers. Think of a reason later.
  • Make someone’s day by paying the toll for the person in the car behind you.
  • Marry only for love.
  • Compliment the meal when you’re a guest in someone’s home.
  • Wave at the children on a school bus.
  • Remember that 80 per cent of the success in any job is based on our ability to deal with people.
  • Don’t expect life to be fair, be fair to life anyways!