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Ahmedabad Hospital Bomb blast: an unforgivable mistake

Take any major wars in the history, be it the first or second world war or gulf war, there was a silent decorum which any country or organization would maintain. i.e avoid hospitals and medical facilities while striking. But the recent bomb blast at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad shows the psychic, inhuman, and brutal nature of so called terrorists.

It is not that blasts in other parts of the city are justified, but striking a hospital and that too well planned to cause maximum damage to victims and doctors has lots of terrible angles to it. None in the world can convince anyone to justify the logic behind attacking a hospital.

A kid who got seriously injured in civil hospital bomb blast

Today an Indian blogger commented: “In India, after a day of blasts, the media claim that the city is back to normal and so on….but the fact is that no one gives a damn unless you or your relatives are affected. ” Even I had similar thoughts until i read today’s newspaper. 3/4th of the people died in the hospital attack were volunteers. Most of them were doctors, medical interns, nurses, blood donors, health assistants etc. They didn’t volunteered there to serve their relatives…they didn’t do that for money….they didn’t do that to help only their community. They did it because of their broad serving mind and humanity. This shows that there exist people who GIVE A DAMN about all of this. They may not blog…or publish what they did…some of them don’t even exist to say this….They went there and DID it.

Keeping a bomb hidden under a car and exploding it using a timer is not COURAGE, that’s real cowardice. The real courage is GIVING YOURSELF to help someone in need without a selfish motive. I salute them for the courage they showed during the crisis and for reinforcing the belief in humanity even when these asshole terrorists try their best to destroy it and bring anarchy in the name of religion.

Life will move on after these blasts. People also might conveniently forget all these… but one thing is for sure…. By conducting these Ahmedabad serial blasts, terrorists have dug their own grave….this would definitely trigger an awakening in govt. circles and society. Hope that day would come as early as possible. Lets not forget this easily. Lets not forgive them either…they don’t deserve a chance to remorse.

Ahmedabad today morning: View from our home

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It is raining after long and it seems like heaven. Would it be okay to compare with amazon rain forest…hmm.. slightly exaggerated..:) Still dark at 8.55 AM.

The real brutal face of Terrorism in Ahmedabad, India

I wasnt sure if I had realized the impact of the 16 blasts which occured in Ahmedabad yesterday…until i heard a chilling first hand story from a friend of my room mate. This is from an eyewitness who is a medical intern at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad who narrowly escaped from the fatal blast which happened in the TRAUMA center of the major hospital in the city.

According to him the series of incidents were like this.

* At 6.45 PM first blast occured in Ahmedabad. Injured victims started rushing to Civil hospital which is the nearest medical facility from blast locations.

* Around 8 PM. the trauma care center was completely shattered following a powerful blast (which seemed like a suicide bomber attack, but now confirmed that it was a car bomb) killing all doctors and victims, their relatives, nurses, medical interns of the hospital. As almost all expert doctors were handling victims in the trauma center of civil hospital, the explosion killed the trauma experts in the city.

* The explosion was so strong that an ambulance flew off from the ground to an height of 3 to 4 floors. Explosion completely destroyed the Trauma center, operation theater and the canteen of civil hospital killing numerous people. Most of the dead are yet to be recognized as their faces are completely burnt.

* An expert orthopedic surgeon, his wife, unborn child, brother and sister killed in the blast…

* The condition was so bad that , medical interns had to conduct emergency surgeries at the wee hours with the help of candles and without aneasthesia.

* Many kids playing in near by ground are all critically injured or dead.

* No more casualty centers….all are converted to FaTALITY centers as they are stuffed with dead bodies. No official count yet…death toll can mount.

* There are only 2 types of people over there now. Victims with minor injuries, Victims who are dead.

The motive of terrorists were so brutal that they didnt wanted any survivors from the blast. This is the first time a hospital/medical facility has been targeted for blasts. The way they wiped off DOCTORS, SURGEONS and the hands which are supposed to HEAL…shows their f***** psycho nature. There is a dignity in any fight….be it for any cause….but this cant be justified in the name of any f****** reason. Hope the government would not act soft on this..a befitting reply is required. They dont deserve a chance to remorse.