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Reliance Fresh: A solution to farmer suicides ?

Farmers in the northern district of Kerala, Wayanad has been in the limelight for past few years all for wrong reasons. Wayanad is infamous for the most number of farmer suicides in the country, probably globally too. Changing governments practically did little to curb this. The major reasons for non-survival of farmers where bad crop, irregular monsoon and most importantly due to lower prices quoted by the middlemen for their produce.

This compelled them to go for the extreme step as they couldn’t pay off their loan debt to the banks. Leftist government stormed at it by totally blaming the banks for the reason behind suicide. Thereby they washed off their hands from their eminent role in the whole situation. Now that Reliance has taken this as their policy of buying directly from farmers, am sure this will at least give them a ray of hope to farmer to get better prices for their produce, though bad crop and monsoon still poses a threat.

I am waiting to see how Left govt. responds to this situation. Am sure they wont accept this in good taste. I had the great privilege of being present at a ceremony where a Local left leader “un-officially” sealed Reliance Fresh shop with the help of Police at Irinjalakuda, a small town in mid-Kerala (which is my hometown). This was not widely accepted as communists had expected, coz people are now aware that they get Fresh vegetables for cheap price at this “Sophisticated” kirana shops like Subhiksha and Reliance. So if Left govt. still want to close all the reliance fresh stores illegally (coz MRTP act gives protection to any enterprise from operating across the country), let them do it….after all why should they give a damn to Farmer deaths ??…it is not still a major vote bank for them.

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Malcolm Gladwell speaks…

Podcast of interview with Malcolm Gladwell. He speaks about Web 2.0 and how it tips according to the principles of tipping point.
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